Dear World,


“This world is going to hell in a hand-basket real quick.” Quite often this would be followed by, “I’m glad I don’t have much time left on this planet, so I won’t be here when all goes haywire.”

As a child, when disturbing events occurred in our town, the country or the universe, my mother’s voice rang out with the above statements.

Her complaints became more frequent as she settled into her “golden years,” and the reference she made to a basket gives an indication as to the era from which she came. A far less stressful time.

The idea that our existence would be peacefully hand-delivered in a woven container to the doorstep of Hades also illustrates a less traumatic way of viewing life.

“Here you go, Satan.  Do what you will with the contents of this bushel.”

What would my dearly departed mama think today?

A large segment of the population focuses on a me, me, me aspect. What can I get my hands on to make me happy? What can I obtain without much effort? We’ve created a pool of Giveme pigs.

Not everyone is a winner. The idea all participants in contests should receive an award is outrageous as this won’t prepare a kid for real life, and a child’s every whim should not be granted. What happened to work for what you want?

Yet, this is only a fraction of the problem. Enormous natural disasters, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, fires, mudslides, and diseases strike with consistency, but such happenings stem from forces out of our control.

To deal with Mother Nature is one thing, quite another to try and extract understanding from those who are bent on wrecking havoc on their fellow man.

The horrific instances where a person or persons threaten, maim, and massacre, in the name of religion, politics, or out of sheer derangement are the times when the average woman/man cries out at the insanity scorching their souls.

Human pitted against a human is a difficult concept to accept.

Wars, evil deeds, conspiracies. For the portion of society melting into a pot of disenchanted, damaged shits, who consider they are entitled, or whatever, news flash.

Your actions may create pain and fear, but an indomitable spirit rises in the face of adversity, and this refuses to die. Sex, race, beliefs. These things don’t matter when decent people are faced with your evilness and destruction.

While some descend into all-consuming psychosis, inflicting damage, others set aside differences and extend their hands and hearts with the eagerness to aid and give comfort.

What will it take for the delirium to end? Sadly, an answer does not appear on the horizon. Too much greed, self-absorption, unwillingness to walk in another’s shoes. No empathy, pity, comprehension of or for our neighbors.

The battle between good and evil forges on, and as the destructive and malicious advance, let us focus on the multitude of valuable positives surrounding us.

To hell in a hand-basket indeed, but let there be no doubt, as the madness continues to swirl, so will the I’m here for you brother/sister attitudes flooding every inch of our beings, helping us wade through the deplorable muck.

And, since our decade is comprised of brave fighters for truth, justice, and freedom, a neatly wrapped package left on the Devil’s stoop is not our way. We will go down scratching, kicking, and tearing into the evil-doers who stand in our way.

In an admirable way, of course.

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