The introduction of the Internet created a whole new world, one available at our fingertips in minutes. Topics that know no boundaries and searches taking us into realms never thought of or believed possible, and all at near lightning speed.

The cluttered and spotless desktops and various handhelds are essential to our work, act as playthings, become relationship builders/destroyers, and help to pass idle time.

Take a look around. Bright new cell phones are now indispensable appendages at the ends of hands. The glare from their screens cast eerie hues upon the faces of their users, as people within touching distance, speaking range sit mute on the side, ignored.

On some levels, technology is a blessing, but in others, basic human connectivity is relegated to the background. Impersonal airways create a barrier as inevitably as a brick wall. A smile, frown, or questioning look go unseen, voice inflections dissipate, a hug/touch/kiss go unfelt, and we lose our humanness.

The online chatters and posters can appear and disappear with a click, poof! Instantly, here or gone in a flash with no “Hellos” or “Goodbyes.” No explanation, no nothing.

The type-written word is flat, and many times, misinterpreted, opening the way for dire miscommunication. A real discussion is near impossible without speech patterns and body language to help reveal our inner self.

A dark side lives here too, one where evildoers seek access to victims. Far too much personal information is provided.

Type in an address, and voila! A satellite in the sky leads straight to the place one seeks. The detail provided is astounding, but some features should not be listed for all to obtain, as such revelations can place an innocent person in terrible danger.

The fact can’t be ignored that the immediate access to everything also created a society teaming with a profound need for instant gratification, making a virtue, patience, fall away.

Everything is served with a quickness to get it done or say it as fast as possible.

Now, we resort to an endless barrage of Emojis and shortened vocabulary to say what?

Oh for the actual voice, caress, this is where computers have destroyed our world. No wonder many flail and founder, fall into destructiveness.

Yes, scouring cyberspace for answers to almost every question is something to be relished. A wealth of knowledge exists at our fingers, ready to enlighten, and inspire.

Where once people found themselves geographically challenged, a way for them to stay connected has been paved.

An entertainment aspect is also appealing, but this can be addictive, and many are locked alone in solitary, unwilling and unable to function in the real world. People skills are vanishing.

Only those born in the “dark ages,” think on faint memories of the unfettered days of independence, before becoming glued to our devices.

The times are amazing, yet, I find myself yearning for the less complicated era where people mattered, and physical contact soothed our souls.

Not a complete ignoramus, I’ll continue to research and use this phenomenal tool at my disposal. But, that which brings me pleasure are the corners of a mouth turning up or down, listening to an utterance of approval or dissatisfaction, witnessing the shift in one’s body as they pop with glee or squirm in discomfort. Add to this, the kind touch of a warm hand, an engaging bear hug, the soft breath as words are whispered in the ear, and a tender smooch.

Oh for the humanity of it all, as I sit pounding away at the keys, alone.


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