Ills of LIFE (An attempt to comfort)


Oh, son! A sick child and we wait perched on the edge of angst where uncertainty grips our souls. The unknown, the waiting for answers casts spells of worry and doubt. What if’s slam into the brain.

Times such as these plunge us into pools of helplessness, and personally, I wonder, What can I do to help? A mere mother and grandmother, I offer listening ears, a sounding board, open arms, and anything you need me to do.

Experience tells me that when faced with dire circumstances guilt may arise over the relationships with our offspring. Is our connection everything it should be, could be?

To second guess our actions, to belittle ourselves for past slights, real or imagined, is natural when facing the uncertain, but don’t fret. As people, we forge ahead as best we can at any given moment.

An attempt to be our finest at one point, may, in fact, be our worse, this is the human condition, and long ago decisions made by yours truly is proof of this.

With the waiting game upon us, take each day as it comes, try not to dwell on the past or disastrous possibilities, and trust whatever transpires, we can all count on one another.

Have no reservations my boy, as I am here for you in this time of need and always!

Prayers pour out to you, to your babes, and my heart tells me all will be well, and our ill one will be bounding through the fields of life spunky as ever.




  1. So sorry to hear your family is going through such pain, All we can do as Mothers and Grandmothers is to be there.. Listen, Comfort and Hold them, and Keep them in our Heart Prayers.. Sending thoughts to your family for what ever healing is needed..
    Love , Peace, Health and Harmony for 2018. ❤

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