A Peek into, A Good Little Girl, By Kenzie O’Hara (Poor Parenting, Bad Decisions, Domestic and Non-Domestic Violence)

Upon suggestion by my wise daughter, and after an intensive 3-year-long effort, this non-celebrity’s autobiographical journey is born.  Though of no fame or notoriety, this true tale offers insights and hope on a very real plateau.  And so begins, a selection from the Preface of A Good Little Girl (book does not contain pictures).


Here are the cold, hard, sometimes distasteful, unvarnished truths and the profound embarrassments that encompassed my less-than-ideal life. Neglect, abandonment, and every form of assault combined to create a long-standing scapegoat.



In the wake, sound judgments eluded me, and some of my actions caused a few eyebrows to raise, as they would be frowned upon by society as a whole.



These revelations are not an attempt to admonish the pain or guilt my imperfect determinations created but to disclose the reasons behind my weak conclusions.

Here, I explain my persona of the incompetent young woman of yesteryear and compare this with the person I am today. My story is not an invitation to a pity party—nor am I pointing fingers or making accusations. These are the facts as I remember them and from my own perspective.

My two children, Gregory and Cristina Lombardo, nine and five years old when I divorced their father, suffered from this failed relationship on many levels.

velizar-ivanov-502066 With a mother whose mind teetered on the side of insanity, their daddy wouldn’t be the only person severed from me; our mother/child bonds would be affected too. In essence, with the end of the marriage, being a mother neared finality, tossing me into the life of a single and childless female.

With the new status of an independent entity, entrance into the workforce would become a necessity, and soon I discovered an arena with an endless supply of dominating men, their beings comprised of pure evil. Unsuspecting of the crimes they would commit, my innocence shattered in their presence.


The arms of a deceitful, deranged man opened to envelop me, and I plunged into them, blind and ignorant. Now I resided with a monster who lorded over me and executed a gamut of horrific abuses against me.

With my life besieged with countless offenses, suicidal thoughts raced through my mind. Weakened by the continual stress, anorexia, cancer, and other unpleasant maladies took up residence.

overdose       fireycar

NOTE:  Desperation grew great as you can see.  Obviously, and thankfully, plans for self-annihilation never transpired. 

posion    gun

Though filled with personal accounts, the vision and hope contained in this chronicle may assist others, both victim, and non-victim.



So many females try to be the epitome of perfection in everyone’s eyes. Of course, satisfying every being is impossible. Perhaps my life narrative appears familiar, whether through the reader’s own eyes or from being privy to the case histories of others.

In either instance, I offer enlightenment and reassurance to my sisters who join me in the plummet into an abuser’s pile of mile-high shit.

There you have it.  A snippet of the preface.  Should real-life accounts of ordinary people who face perilous and dangerous odds entice you, please watch for future excerpts or if you can’t wait, the book is available at:

Also at:   Barnes & Noble;  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-good-little-girl-kenzie-ohara/1126262796?ean=9781532020469

YouTube Video:  peek






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