massage-2768833_640 A racking upper respiratory infection that left me struggling for air on more than one occasion has now ended but left me with a painful complication. The violent bouts of coughing managed to wreck havoc on my spinal stenosis condition which in turn produced a pinched nerve. To say it hurts is a vast understatement. I don’t want to move, period.

With the help of a couple of drugs, the inflammation should soon subside, and an MRI is scheduled this week to help facilitate the upcoming pain management plan. The idea is to guide several injections into areas from where the agony stems. As much as I HATE needles, it can’t happen soon enough.

Sitting at the computer, blogging, interacting, thinking all take a tremendous amount of effort as I attempt to push past the stabbing and burning which has now traveled to my shoulder and neck. Yippee! Is there no end?

Usually, I don’t whine and suffer in silence, but blogging carries responsibilities, and I owe it to my readers to inform them of the reason for stepping outside my usual scope.

So, last week, I offered tests and games in place of a “real” blog. Today, I am posting insights saved from my Internet wanderings.

Hope you enjoy.


And, we walked miles to class in the rain, sleet, and snow.




The one drowning is me.




.                                                                                       c) walk away < my parents



Sounds like a plan to me.






Hopefully, wellness will resume, and I can get down to business within a couple of weeks.

Stay well my friends, this getting older crap isn’t for sissies, but I’ve survived far worse, and this too shall pass.  Oh, yes it will.



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