In mid-December, a ferocious wave of ills hit my partner and me, and it doesn’t appear this force intends to dissipate anytime soon. Neither of us is a whiner nor complainer. Each prefers to suffer in silence, yet at moments the two of us succumb to an outward cry as an unexpected bone pop, muscle kink, pinched nerve, or similar surprise brings sudden shouts from our aged bodies.

Living with intense pain on a day to day basis takes its toll. Tempers are short; smiles are scarce, and the outlook on life dims. To sit at a desk and attempt computer work is torture.

The maladies get to the point of being ridiculous. Just when we think we’re on the mend, another crushing blow strikes.

Therefore, I am suspending my writing endeavors until the scourge moves toward other shores, not that I wish anyone else agony. But, in my head, I know these ailments must cease one day. Better days lie somewhere ahead.

Until brighter horizons appear, until some course of treatment brings relief, I sadly say adieu.

My best to all, and may you stay healthy.

My sincerest thanks to all who read my blogs, and I hope to return sooner than later.





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